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Welcome to Ed Beard Jr.'s art studios and renaissance faire locations.

View our renaissance faire locations in these pages, where you will find pictures of friends, collectors, family and funny episodes from Ed Beard Jr.'s travels.  Many pictures come directly from Ed's customers capturing the pleasure and enjoyment they had in the shop of Enchanted Realm Studio.

Ed Beard Jr. has been meeting with fans, friends, collectors young and old, and many artists either beginner, hobbyist or professionals also in the top of their field.  The Art of Ed Beard Jr. also known as Enchanted Realm Studio can be found at Florida Renaissance Festival in Deer Park, North Carolina Renaissance Faire, Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Geneva, OH, Michigan Renaissance Faire in Holly, MI, King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA and look for us now in Louisiana Renaissance Festival, in Hammond, LA!!!

The pages that follow include pictures at renaissance faires but also there are some showcases of what collectors have done with Ed Beard Jr.'s art work!  You will see really cool framing jobs, ultimate collectors and more!

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Also, you can enter ERS Publishing's home page.  Here will be updates of projects that ERS is planning for Fantasy Artist Ed Beard Jr. as well as products offered for many other interested artists.   ERS Publishing does more than just books, they produce Art Instructional DVDs from Artist Ed Beard Jr., and other novelty products.  The manufacturing relationships that ERS has can benefit other artists as well, enter the site to learn more.

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